Living with Reactive Attachment Disorder, other disorders, Parental Alienation, Divorce, Toxic People, Abuse, and Addictions, all these things that destroy families - Fight for your family!
About RADwars

95% of us come from dysfunctional homes...the rest are in denial.
~John Bradshaw~

Over 20 years ago, we adopted twins with RAD...

I started this site after adopting children suffering with Reactive Attachment Disorder...  The years of dealing with this exposed all of our family's weaknesses and flaws.  It exposed our individual weaknesses and flaws.  It tore our family apart... 
This site is about fighting to preserve the WHOLE family... 
All families are at war on some level.   Divorce is at an all time high.  Addictions, abuse, abandonment, poor parenting, behavior disorders, hidden addictions, generational dysfunction, re-marriage... families ending... families blending... foster care families... adoption families.  Success doesn't come in a tidy little happy ending like most fairy tales would have you believe.   Success is not when your peers tell you what a good job you're doing.   Success is when you keep doing the best you can... when you get back up again when you fail...  to persevere and press on... to forgive yourself... to forgive others... to accept that you and your loved ones are not perfect... and when it's all said and done, and you and/or your loved ones are still a mess... you know somehow you made a positive difference instead of making a contribution to the dysfunction....

1,2,3,4... I Declare a RADwar - The story of my family and its battle with Reactive Attachment Disorder

Mission Statement

This site is dedicated to the emotional and spiritual well-being of hurting families, families which are being torn apart from the inside and  judged from the outside.  Families in crisis hurt not only it’s members, but everyone connected to them, extended family, ex-spouses and their extended family, step-family, grandparents, friends, birth-family, siblings, and close friends.

I write from a mother’s perspective.  Often, mothers are the ones who hold the family most dear to their hearts, and unfortunately, they are most often blamed for things that are going wrong in their family.  They are rarely given opportunity to explain what’s going on, or they are not believed if they do tell.  There will always be someone trying to keep a family together.  There will always be those trying to tear it apart.  And, there will always be someone judging and criticizing, rather than helping or trying to understand what is truly going on, and how that family needs help.

My family came face to face with what the psychiatric world calls Reactive Attachment Disorder.  Reactive Attachment Disorder and other relational and/or personality disorders war against families.  These disorders have no preference for race, religion, economics, or age.  This war rages in homes dealing with adoption, blended families, early childhood sickness, brokenness, divorce, and many other reasons.  I believe God created the family unit, and I believe Satan and sin mean to destroy it.  The family unit is the core for passing down all the wonderful qualities and values that shape the next generation.

Reactive Attachment Disorder and it’s militant comrades are surfacing everywhere with very predictable signs.   More and more professionals realize that there truly are war-zones in which families like ours exist.  They are finding out the parents are not the problem, the disorders are.  Some families are beginning to find the outside support and help they need.  Thank God!  However, other families are still isolated and under attack where ignorance still reigns.

The purpose of this site is not to explain the medical aspects of what the disorders are.  It’s not about the different methods of therapy, or recommending different treatment centers.  It’s not about the latest research or to reveal some secret weapon on how to save your child.  There are many, many wonderful websites and resources in Cyberspace and the medical world to help with all of that.  Instead, this site is dedicated to encourage, support, understand, and help the heart of the family as it endures the trying times of loving and training children who are fighting so hard to reject it all.  It is here for the marriages falling apart... It is here for the other family members getting lost in the chaos...  It is for the friends and extended members of the family to help them understand what these families in crisis are going through... Last, but not least, it is to validate the warrior moms and dads themselves, who think they are going crazy, when they, in fact, are not.  Almost always, they are merely misjudged.  They are warriors who would give their life to make their family happy and healthy.  They are warriors surrounded by the enemy. They believe they are losing their battle.  They are trying to hang on until reinforcements arrive to help push back the enemy.  As we bring more awareness and education to the general public, families in crisis will be able to receive the help and encouragement they need, rather than the ridicule and judgment it receives most often today.  God bless you as you seek the best for your family...

Since I began this site, my family has fallen apart.  It could not endure the hardship and isolation.  Over these last many years I have faced divorce, remarriage, my children's rejection, step~children, domestic violence, parental alienation, and more.  I found myself alone for the first time in my life, at 47 years old.  It took me years to put my life back together and figure out who I was as a person, as a woman.  It was then that I realized that I would open up this site to address all kinds of issues that families face today, rather than just RAD.   All of these issues are every bit as detrimental to the  families' survival.

Kathryn Taylor