Living with Reactive Attachment Disorder, other disorders, Parental Alienation, Divorce, Toxic People, Abuse, and Addictions, all these things that destroy families - Fight for your family!

Journals of a RADmom

Crying out to God over our broken children...
  • Freedom  - A turn for the better,reaching for hope one last time   
  • A Mother  - When your adopted child rejects you because of the abuse they endured
  • Longing for Love  - Living in the birth-mother shadow
  • The Darkest of Times  - A prayer of desperation to God
  • Oh Child of My Heart  - Trying to not lose hope and reach that precious child      

Christine Moers is one of my favorite RAD~moms... she has incredible, wisdom, creativity, insight and helpfulness in parenting hard to love children... How I wished I had had her wisdom when I was raising my difficult children...
She has a blog, called  Welcome to My Brain and a  Youtube video channel which is packed with many parenting videos... Please visit her links... they are well worth the time    

Surviving The Daily Battle....
How Are We Allowing Our Situation To Change Us?
  1. The Invisible Woman (Preview) by Nicole Johnson
    Nicole's sketch "The Invisible Woman" brings a powerful message of hope to every taken-for-granted woman in today's world. This video shared with permission from Fresh Brewed Life, Inc. and Nicole Johnson
  2. What Caring For Child With R.A.D. Was Like for State Rep., Wife
    Part 2: The Harrises learned that the oldest girl with them for a trial period had reactive attachment disorder.
  3. What It Feels Like To Parent Reactive Attachment Disorder Children
    I know I haven't hit every feeling, in fact I'm nowhere close. Please feel free to share your feelings on what it feels like to parent a child with reactive attachment disorder in the comments below. I do hit on how other people often view "bad" behaviors they might see as normal kid issues, or cries for attention. Trying to talk to, or explain these things are more than just normal kid issues is when we as Rad parents start feeling isolated, and like everyone views us as the bad guy.
  4. Therapeutic Parenting - When Our Kids are Stuck
    "Chaos to Healing" is a full-length DVD training where Christine partners with psychotherapist, Billy Kaplan, to provide more practical support to families. For more information, go to www.chaostohealing.com Christine Moers provides parent coaching services for those needing a little extra support at www.christineparentcoaching.com
  5. Reactive Attachment Disorder: You need to know that most adoptive parents are dealing with this.

Links, Books, and Bible Studies for Encouragement

The Dreams and Nightmares of Mothering...
Recommended Reading for Dealing with Parenting Issues

  • RAD is like putting mommy in a round room and telling her the cure for her child is in the corner...