Living with Reactive Attachment Disorder, other disorders, Parental Alienation, Divorce, Toxic People, Abuse, and Addictions, all these things that destroy families - Fight for your family!

On the Home Front

If you are anything like me, you grew up dreaming about the family you would have someday.  Most likely, it looked like some TV or movie family that was ideal in your eyes...
But real life is much different and far more disappointing than what media displays.  Most often, it is not happily ever after... Family takes hard work and as Dr. James Dobson puts it, "Parenting is Not For Cowards"... 
We parents must be bold and courageous and find solid and godly advice to perservere through life...
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-Keeping Marriage and Family Strong-

-Dealing with Divorce-

Instilling healthy habits and behaviors, parenting, chores, family meetings, and communication, importance of healthy relationships between mother, father, and all the children.
The trauma of families ending, child protection, parental alienation, surviving and healing after a divorce, waiting between relationships to heal, relationships ending.

-Marriage and Family Destroyers-

-Blending Families Smoothly-

People forming or reforming their family because of remarriage, adoption, bringing in aging parents, etc.
Environments, addictions, unhealthy behaviors, domestic violence, personality disorders in adults, sexual abuse