Living with Reactive Attachment Disorder, other disorders, Parental Alienation, Divorce, Toxic People, Abuse, and Addictions, all these things that destroy families - Fight for your family!
From their perspective...
  • Why I Hate Her....she thinks I'm trying to get people to hate her... so she will try and turn the tables
  • Dee's Song.....she feels like we are her kidnappers
  • Can You see Me?....Nancy Thomas made me look at my kids through their eyes
  • Run....Why do they run away?
  • Dark Longings of a Sad RAD.....After so much hurt and disappointment, one can get stuck
  • I Am a Good Girl!!.....she convinces herself that the real her is who she shows everyone...so she doesn't feel guilty about how she acts at home.
  • I'm Fighting a War...torn between birth and adopted family..switching sides like the tide
  • I Can Do It Myself....she pushes away...take care of yourself because everyone else has let you down
  • Can You See My Pain...her pain is invisible so she has to create "abuse" and "bruises" so others will react to what the real pain is from the past
  • Can You, Mommy?.....Seeing through her eye, her ears, her mouth.
Dealing with Sexual Abuse...
  • Man in the Moon....A child's memory of things that happen in the night
  • Together Forever...A mock conversation between a grown woman and the child she once was
  • Confessions....sometimes it's real hard to listen to the details as our child remembers
Links to Help with Sexual Abuse...
Links to Books and Sites about Parenting
Patch of Heaven Ministries... author of A safe Place... dealing with sexual abuse
Books and Stories for our Kids....
This is Dr. Post from OK.....He has had huge success working with our kids..